Play Park and Splash Ground

Play Park is a place where children learn about and re-connect with nature while having fun. It occupies 2.5 acres located just past the Range of the Jaguar and the Wildlife Carousel in the center of the ZooLoop path.

Find your way through two mazes and then climb, jump, and get wet in the 4,000 square-foot Splash Ground. Imitate the squirrel monkeys by climbing on vines in front of their exhibit. Climb into a tree house, on the rock wall or dig for artifacts in the Forest Play area. Watch the penguins through a tunnel window as they swim overhead. Groom and pet the pygmy goats in the Animal Care area. And, enjoy kid-friendly food from the Play Park Café.

Also, don’t miss the penguins of Tuxedo Coast! Located inside Play Park, this penguin exhibit allows children to get up-close to these black-and-white swimmers.

Goat, West African Pygmy

Monkey, Squirrel

Penguin, Magellanic