River Valley Aviary

Home to exotic birds representing many different species, the River Valley Aviary is a two-story enclosure covering 9,000 square feet. It allows birds such as the yellow-billed stork, white-bellied bustard, lesser flamingos and turacos to fly about freely.

Duck, Mandarin

Duck, White-winged Wood

Duck, Yellow-billed


Heron, Green

Heron, Javan Pond

Kingfisher, White-collard

Owl, Verreaux's Eagle

Screamer, Southern

Slider, Meso-American

Spoonbill, African

Stork, Abdim's

Stork, Yellow-billed

Teal, Cape

Teal, Marbled

Vulture, Palm-nut

Whistling Duck, White-faced