Two healthy Sumatran tiger cubs!
On November 20, 2017, the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens welcomed two male, critically endangered, Sumatran tiger cubs. The cubs are a second litter for 6-year-old mother Dorcas (also known as Lucy to many Zoo guests) and 16-year-old Berani. 

It’ll be several months before the cubs make their public debut. They’ll require a series of health examinations and vaccinations. They’ll continue to strengthen the bond with their mom, and even require a swim test before the cubs are ready to explore their outdoor habitat in public viewing areas. While they are in their nesting den, you can see them nursing, being groomed by mom, growing and gaining strength and a LOT of sleeping!

Did you know there are less than 400 Sumatran tigers in the wild?
Our rare cubs' birth is part of a combined effort of zoos across the globe to protect tigers by growing their numbers in managed care. 

Sumatran tigers are the smallest tiger and highly endangered. They are also the last of the island tigers. Javan and Balinese tigers are extinct. Only three strong populations remain in protected forests on Sumatra.
One of those populations survives in Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park where Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens partners with the International Rhino Foundation to protect their habitat. We cover the annual expenses of an elite team of Indonesian rangers who patrol the forest removing snares and traps and arresting poachers. These dedicated rangers ensure that the forest habitat of thousands of animal species like Sumatran tigers, rhinos and elephants is safeguarded and preserved.

 Join us in saving the Sumatran tigers and the other animals and plants that share their habitat by donating today.

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