Members-Only Photography Classes

For an experience worth a thousand words, the Snapshot Society offers unique, members-only access to quarterly photography classes with early entrance, networking opportunities, and personalized instruction from our expert Zoo photographer. 

Classes will meet in the Samburu Room, at the Zoo's main entrance. Reservations must be made online in advance. 

Upcoming class in 2019:
November 2 - Africa Loop
$35 per person, limit 25 people

Classes take place from 7:30 - 11:00 a.m. and include breakfast, early entrance, photography session, networking opportunities and instruction from our host, John Reed of John Reed Photography.

- Arrive promptly at 7:30 a.m.
- Wear closed-toe shoes and be prepared to walk. 
- Bring your camera and necessary equipment. 
- Bring a bottle of water and stay hydrated. 
- Dress for the weather! 

Snapshot Society classes are for adults only. Participants must be Zoo members. Participants should be able to easily walk the Zoo; no transportation will be provided. Participants will supply their own camera equipment. Cancellations less than 14 days prior to the program date are not allowed. Dates are subject to change. For questions, email




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