Garden Tours

Explore the Beauty and the Magic of the Gardens

Our Horticulture staff invites you to come stroll with us through the gardens. Discover the unique and exciting plants that make our gardens green. Discuss the mysteries of maintaining the beauty. Develop a passion for the love of gardening.

Weekday Group Garden Tours
Do you have a Garden Club or group of gardening friends that would love a personal tour of the lush gardens in the Jacksonville Zoo? Then check out our Group Garden Tours. It’s a 90-minute garden tour led by our knowledgeable Horticulture staff. The tour takes you down the River of Color, through the lush Savanna Blooms Garden, and concludes in the distinguished Trout River Gardens, with optional stops in Range of the Jaguar and Play Park. Luncheon and train ride returning to Main Camp are optional additions to complete your tour experience.

For more information, call (904) 757-4463, ext. 120.

First Saturday Garden Tours

The Horticulture team invites you to stroll with us through the Gardens of the Jacksonville Zoo on the first Saturday of April, June, September and October. These two hour interactive tours aimed at adults and are led by our knowledgeable Horticulture staff, sharing their gardening experiences and advice. Each month the tour path will change, offering a different point of view and something new to learn. As we wander through the various gardens, we will discuss a variety of topics related to seasonal garden maintenance, the right plants for you, and how our gardening habits impact the environment.

Pre-registration is required.

April 1
Plants in History and Folklore
Join us as Senior Horticulturist, Scott takes us on a history filled storytelling trip to learn about how plants helped shape the stories and history of humans yesterday and today.
June 3
Be Fruitful and Multiply
You can cut, divide, graft, or grow them from seed. If you are the sort that enjoys sharing, or you have a plant you would like to have more of but don’t have the money to purchase, you may be able to create new plants at home. Join Horticulture Technician II, Houston for a talk exploring some of the ways you can propagate plants.
September 2
Water Lovers
Gardening in Florida is not all dry land, some plants like to play in puddles.  Come learn what to plant in those pesky spots that just won’t drain.  Join us in exploring our ponds and marshes to discuss the plants that like to get their feet wet. 
October 7
Passion for Pollinators
Butterflies, bees, bats and birds all depend on plants for their survival and we depend on those pollinators for our food.  More and more they need our help with the increase in invasive plants and expansive turf grass yards, local pollinator wildlife has less available food and habitat in which to survive.  Come Bee inspired with Horticulture Technician II, Cheo, and see how easy it is to help our little hard working nature friends by adding a few plants and some habitat to the garden.

Tour group meets outside the ticket booths at 8:45am for check in, tours start at 9:00am and are limited to 30 people.

(Zoo Admission is included in price)

Non- Members: $20
Members: $10

These are walking tours that may traverse various paths over Zoo grounds so please wear comfortable walking shoes. You are welcome to bring a bottle of water to help with the warm temperatures and long walk, and as gardeners we tour in all types of weather so please dress appropriately.


For questions about the tours you can call (904) 757-4463 ext 153.